The Writer’s Market

I’ve read and used The Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market for a good year or so now, having bought the 2012 edition back in August.  I started using The Writer’s Market in general back in 2009 when I first tried to get my work published.  As great a tool as it is, and as interesting as the interviews, tips, and articles inside the book are, I’ve found it’s not much of a necessity anymore, at least from my perspective.  There are hundreds of websites that contain the information found in every Writer’s Market edition, and from what I’ve seen, not much changes from edition to edition.  I say this having bought the 2013 version just two days ago; and after browsing through the sections relevant to my needs, I’ve decided that I’d rather take the book back.  Like I’ve said, the vast majority of the information can be found online, and I’d much rather have that $33 put back on my $50 gift card I received for Christmas.

Cheers, and happy reading, writing, sleeping,



P.s.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Writer’s Market, so have at it in the comment section.


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