October Fiction Update

For those of you who follow my blog and take the time to read my stories, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted new material for a few months now.  It’s not that I hadn’t wanted to—really, I did—but rather because I was quite simply out of ideas and fully engrossed in writing for my trilogy of novels.  With that said, I’ve got some good news.  I’m currently working on a couple of projects right now (maybe a few, actually):

1.  A sequel to Durante Lucus called The Forever King

2.  A sequel to Crinklepuss called Frankenpuss

3.  An untitled Frankenstein-inspired story

That fact that all three ideas came to me within the last few days was both exciting and relieving.  So, keep your eyes peeled for new stories in the coming months and thank you very much for reading!



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