Writing and Influences


I’ve had a decent number of stories published so far (which I’m incredibly thankful for), and it hasn’t really struck me until now how much inspiration I draw from the different genres I read.  Harry Potter was the series that my childhood will forever be based around.  It’s also the reason why I started writing in the first place.  In my (almost) 24 years, I’ve read a lot of different books and genres.  I tend to keep my nose in modern fantasy for the most part, but I’m also drawn to certain pieces of literary fiction if they hit the right note, and recently I’ve gotten back into reading epic fantasy.  To sum it up:

Literary fiction reminds me of the issues that we deal with in real life, how completely fragile it can be and how completely wonderful it can be.  It reminds me to keep my characters grounded and relatable no matter how fantastic they may be.  Ironically enough, this also applies when I’m writing my short stories, 99% of which live in the horror genre.

Fantasy reminds me that for every crack in the moon (heh, pun) or golden-borerdered notepad (obvious pun) there should also be a realm of cosmic things and cities in the woods inhabited by creatures from the stars.  It’s also a great reminder that not every page needs to be action: flesh your characters and plot out.

Lastly, the books I read and writers that have influenced my work the most remind me to: be myself when I write; be as original as possible; and to have fun.  It’s your story: you make the rules.

Now, go follow your dreams!

*If it interests the readers, my two favorite authors are from different time periods: Edgar Allan Poe & Neil Gaiman.




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