On Self-Publishing and a Lack of Editing

I have absolutely ZERO problem with people self-publishing their books. If you want to get your work out that much quicker, then more power to you. But for Christ’s sake, would it kill you to at least hire a professional editor if you lack the ability to edit yourself? First drafts aren’t meant to be immediately slapped onto Amazon or whatever site you’re selling from. Edit. Edit some more. And then, when you think you’ve edited your book enough to the point it actually reads somewhat coherently, EDIT AGAIN AND AGAIN. Think about your plot: does it make sense, does it flow? And your characters: are they Twilight-static or is there noticeable evolution in their mannerisms, actions, and thoughts? Do they fit well in the universe that you’ve created? Are their names tacky or is there thought behind them, something that might lend itself to the story? If you’re planning on your book being the first in the series, then edit even more. Hell, edit the first book again after you’ve written a rough draft for the second. Make sure everything connects. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a straight line (because then that would be pretty boring) but in a way that engages your readers and makes them eager to turn the pages that you’ve written.

I’m sure this looks like a block of ranting text to some people and in some way it is. I’m not mad at people who self-publish: I’m annoyed with the people who self-publish without giving thought to the audience they wish to attract. EDIT. EDIT. EDIT. Don’t throw up a half-assed novel because you think you’re going to make some money (because you probably won’t without A LOT of marketing); hire a professional editor, workshop your chapters and sections to make sure that you’re giving the public the most well-written story you could produce, and most importantly, give a lot of shits about the story you’re telling.  Give so many shits that when you read a certain passage or kill off a favorite character it makes you feel something in the pit of your stomach or in the loudly thumping heart in your chest.




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