Stories and Languages

I’ve always thought that fantasy languages, when handled properly, are beautiful. They add SO much to a story and can really help give readers a sense of the culture. I’m not Tolkien; I’m not a linguistic, nor do I claim to be, but the last week or so has given me time to create a language of my own for a race of characters in the fictional realm that I work with. It’s based roughly off of Icelandic (like I said, I’m not a linguist) as a good few of you will probably be able to tell and has its own inflections and tenses and all of that other stuff I never understood in college. I’ve researched to the best of my abilities to create something that sounds passable (I’m still adding words). Below is a sample of the language. It’s used once in SEWN FROM SEEDS: DISINTERRED and several times from the POV of a character in my novella THE FORGER.

“Vithe éru einn…vithe éru Dauiv…Ég er…Mîrkür.”

“We are one…we are Death…I am…Darkness.”


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