Zoozil is Looking for Writers of Short Historical Fiction

Do you have a restless urge to write? Already published, or always wanted to be?

Zoozil, an innovative children’s and Young Adult literature publishing company, is launching soon and looking for new & experienced authors to write our one-of-a-kind interactive short historic fiction stories.

Zoozil does more than publish historical fiction — We’ve pioneered a unique learning technology for 3rd to 8th Graders, and all levels of students, from the hard to teach to the already head-of-the-class. We publish interactive literary adventures in digital and print formats that engage readers in brand new ways. We welcome inquiries from unpublished authors – all you need is talent, passion and a story to tell. We’re not a content mill, vanity press, or self-publishing service…we’re a publisher of digital and print books that promise to engage a new generation in reading, and change the way children learn.

At the moment, we are looking specifically for authors interested in writing short stories.  For more information contact Luke at Zoozil dot com and come change the story with us! When you write, please include:

—A resume

—One or two writing samples

Come “Change the Story” with Zoozil!


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