Batman V Superman Review

Just saw Batman V. Superman for the first time (I’m seeing it again tomorrow/today). I would give it a solid 6.5/10. Not fantastic, but by no means a disappointment. The acting was superb, as were the visual effects. The weakest part of the movie, I think, was the actual script. It seemed kind of jumpy and disjointed from time to time, which is a shame.

But Jesus H. Fuck—Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman on the big screen together for the first time. I had a number of nerd moments taking in that image. Affleck’s Batman is easily the most brutal cinematic iteration of the character yet, which I’m definitely a fan of. Cavill plays a solid Superman again and Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is a bit unhinged.

Though the moments were brief, my favorite part of the movie absolutely had to be Wonder Woman. People have been waiting years, and I think Gal Gadot delivered. She’s got the fierceness and the confidence, and holy fuck she kicks ass.

Don’t go in expecting to see an Oscar-nominated film, because that’s not what you’re going to get. Go in expecting to see a DC Comics film that gets more things right than wrong, delivers with the special effects, and makes a little cinematic history with perhaps the most iconic superhero and heroine trio.

But most of all, have fun. I know I did.


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