Writer Resources: AgentQuery Connect

agentqueryconnect.comWelcome to the first post in my Writer Resources series! Today I’d like to talk briefly about the website AgentQuery Connect (AQ Connect for short). As an author trying to get a novel published, one of the toughest parts is garnering the attention of an agent. To do so, you need to construct a query letter, which gives a brief explanation/the premise of your story. In the query, the author wants to hook the agent, to get the agent to request more. This is a lot easier said than done.

Having an agent request a partial or full takes a while. Some writers get luck, but most of us are going to climb up hill for a very long time. This is where AgentQuery Connect comes in. The website is full of authors, some just starting out, some in the middle, and some who have been published and know the industry. Signing up is easy, and once that’s done, you can post your query in the proper forum.

Doing so allows you to receive feedback from other authors (it’s highly suggested you return the favor; plus, it’s fun networking), who help you trim the fat and rework your query so that it presents your novel in the best light possible.


One thought on “Writer Resources: AgentQuery Connect

  1. It always seems to me that writer feedback is self-serving. Everyone is patting each other on the back without real value. Once I posted on Athonomy for awhile and participated in reading and reviewing. It felt cheap. On WP I feel somewhat better about the whole affair as not everyone is peddling a book and there are quite a few worthy topics to read.

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