Writer Resources: Writer’s Digest

Hello everyone! In my third Writer Resources post, I wanted to highlight Writer’s Digest, the premier magazine for writers, new and seasoned. For those who might not be familiar, Writer’s Digest was established in 1920 and has since provided writers with information and advice in regards to the publishing industry and general writing. Below, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite aspects of the magazine and their social media.

  • Informative Articles From Professionals: I write fantasy. In the most recent issue of Writer’s Digest, I was thrilled to find an article-interview with agents who specialize in the science fiction and fantasy genres. They talked about trends, overdone tropes, writers breaking in, and what they each look for in queries and stories.
  • Writing Conference Updates: The event that every writer should go to at least once in their life. Writing conferences are perfect for authors looking to interact with fellow writers and for emerging authors to pitch directly to agents. 
  • Queries that Worked: This segment on their website is one of my personal favorites and one that every author seeking an agent should check out. There are 50+ examples of query letters that got writers their agents, allowing writers to see what structure works and what to include.
  • How I Got My Agent: Another great read on their website with guest posts from authors, who explain to readers the process and experience they went through to get their agent. Perfect for anyone seeking a little insight into the publishing industry or for the author who’s received five form letter rejections in a week and needs to know there’s still hope (definitely not talking about myself…).
  • Literary Agent Updates: Writer’s Digest also provides agent updates, including new agents and those who are seeking queries.

Writer’s Digest offers a host of information and opportunities for writers, including online boot camps for query letter drafting, world building, and beginning your novel. The pool of tips and advice is endless and the community itself is warm, welcoming, and helpful. 

In addition to their magazine and online content, Writer’s Digest also publishes books about honing your craft. One of my personal favorites is Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction, as seen below.

Grab the latest issue. Visit the website. Follow them on twitter. Experience Writer’s Digest today!



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