Writing and Paying it Forward

Paying it forward is something I believe in as a writer. As a writer, I think we are obligated to provide a helping hand to those who are starting out, or maybe someone who is looking for advice. I am by no means a professional writer, but I have worked hard to hone my craft. I have taken creative writing classes, read books on the art, and listened to seasoned professionals talk about their approach to writing, whether it’s character creation, world building, or even how they break their story up.

On Friday (September 9th, 2016) fantasy novelist Christopher Husberg came to the Flintridge Bookstore & Coffeehouse (where I work) for a book signing and Q & A session.
Chris’s first book in a five-volume series (entitled Duskfall) was released earlier this year and it was interesting to hear his thoughts on the business side of writing (getting an agent, signing a book deal, etc.) as well as his own writing process.

I’m going to preface this next part by saying Chris is an outstanding guy, very approachable and enthusiastic when it comes to talk about his book and writing. As a fantasy author looking to break in, I took the opportunity to pick his brain and have a chat once the event was over. We spent a good 20 minutes or so talking about the stories we were working on, novels we had read that had influenced us, and magic systems. This one-on-one was inspiring; it kicked my mind into overdrive. Chris was also kind and generous enough to agree to read something of mine (when he had the time) if I sent it over.

This is what I mean by paying it forward. Taking the time to offer advice and encouragement to fellow writers. It’s something that I will always remember and it’s something I will continue to do.

Visit Chris’s website here: http://www.christopherhusberg.com/

Read his blog here: http://christopherhusberg.blogspot.com/

Follow him on twitter: @usbergo


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