Change the Story With Zoozil

Hi all. Today, I wanted to spotlight the ed-tech start-up I’ve been working for for the better part of a year and a half: Zoozil.


I started as an author recruitment intern at Zoozil in 2015 and earlier this was promoted to Director of Author Recruitment and Social Media/Editorial Assistant. It’s been an interesting and educational experience, to say the least, and I’ve met so many wonderful people.

At Zoozil, we are committed to making history fun while engaging reluctant readers, and we do so through our interactive stories, each one focusing on a specific person, place, or event. Zoozil’s books let young readers go back in history to direct the characters, explore new perspectives, and even change the ending! Whether rocketing to the moon or capturing a spy during WWI, children can have a new adventure each time they read while learning and growing all along the way. They’re more than just books—they’re journeys through time that readers will never forget.

We combine the best elements of interactivity, compelling information, and exciting storytelling to captivate readers from grades K-12. I invite you all to come change the story with us!

Follow us on social media!

Twitter: @ZoozilMedia

Facebook: Zoozil

Instagram: Zoozil


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