Flash Fiction: Pustule Grumpleskunk—Sneezer

I have allergies. I’m on trial for them.

“Pustule Grumpleskunk, you stand before this council, charged with treason.”

Treason. Because I’m allergic to nearly every bloody scent this state exudes.

“I’m not trying to sneeze, your honor,” I say, twiddling my thumbs. “I swear on the nine layers of Death Hole, I’m not. I simply can’t help myself.” Continue reading “Flash Fiction: Pustule Grumpleskunk—Sneezer”

The Four Tenets of Khar Am

The Forger2

The Forger has quite a bit of backstory and lore that’s not yet been revealed, but I thought it would be fun to give everyone a little preview.  The Faithbringer Order was founded by a man named Khar Am, who placed the wellness and lives of everyone else before his own, teachings that he stressed to his followers and fellow Faithbringers.

Choice before blood: “Your life is not dictated by the blood inside your veins but by the choices that you make.”

Truth from madness: “Discern the truth from madness.”

Honor over glory: “We fight not for recognition but to keep our people safe. There is nothing glorious about a realm of gilded soldiers who have no one to protect.”

Altruism over avarice: “You will take a blade for your brothers and sisters before you take an enemy for their wealth. You will endure hunger if it means the starving get to feast. You will warm the freezing with your cloak before you think of fashion. You will be give the faithful hope before you take it.”

© Luke Tarzian 2015