Book Signing: Christopher Husberg

Super excited to let everyone know my bookstore, the Flintridge Bookstore & Coffee House, is hosting a signing for fantasy novelist Christopher Husberg, author of Duskfall (Titan Books). Christopher had the privilege of studying under NY Times Bestselling author Brandon Sanderson (my personal favorite) at BYU.

From the back of the book:

Pulled from a frozen sea, pierced by arrows and close to death, Knot has no memory of who he was. But his dreams are dark, filled with violence and unknown faces. Winter, a tiellan woman whose people have long been oppressed by humans, is married to and abandoned by Knot on the same day. In her search for him, she will discover her control of magic, but risk losing herself utterly. And Cinzia, priestess and true believer, returns home to discover her family at the heart of a heretical rebellion. A rebellion that only the Inquisition can crush…

Their fates and those of others will intertwine, in a land where magic and daemons are believed dead, but dark forces still vie for power.

If you’re in the La Canada, CA area, do stop by! The signing starts at 7:00 p.m. at 1010 Foothill Boulevard, La Canada, CA 91011.

Writer Resources Series

Hello all! Just a quick little update. I’ve started a new weekly series called Writer Resources, a category in which I’ll be posting about various resources writers can use to help start or further their careers.

The first post is about the website AgentQuery Connect. Please do check it out if you’re interested in having your query letter critiqued and improved!



Putting a Story on Hold

I’m putting a story on hold. There, I’ve said it. To be more specific, I’m putting Sewn From Seeds (or whatever the current iteration is titled) on hold and it feels like finally ending a long relationship that’s fizzled out. I feel sad, but this is the right thing to do.

This has been a project of mine for the better part of six years. I’ve established a lot of lore, written some fantastic characters, and banged my head on the desk in frustration. As I’ve said, it feels like the end of a relationship. I tried to make it work as best I could, but it simply wasn’t meant to be. At least not now. I hope to revisit the story somewhere down the road, but for now, we both need a break from each other.

There were many reasons for this choice, and one of the biggest was trying to tie the story in to The Forger. It was tough and it was stressful at times, and at the end of the day I think I’m better off just leaving them separate. It was a grand idea in the beginning; it was a fun idea, but I think things are better this way.

‘Til next time, friends.

TEN plus TWO — Cristian Mihai

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Melas—Sanitarium Issue 45

Proud to announce I’m back in the pages of Sanitarium Magazine after a 20-issue hiatus (okay…now I’m just puffing my chest). Support the magazine, grab a copy of issue 45, and read my short story Melas.


Zoozil is Looking for Interns


Hello everyone!

Here at Zoozil, we believe that reading can change the world. We’re a children’s and YA literature publishing company, and we’re looking for a couple author recruitment interns to join our team. Continue reading “Zoozil is Looking for Interns”

Seeking Writers for Entrepreneurial Fiction

Zoozil, an innovative children’s and Young Adult literature publishing company, is launching soon and looking for new & experienced authors to write our one-of-a-kind interactive historical fiction, centered on entrepreneurs.

*royalties, plus a possible ceremonial advance

Zoozil does more than publish historical fiction — We’ve pioneered a unique learning technology for 3rd to 8th Graders, and all levels of students, from the hard to teach to the already head-of-the-class. We publish interactive literary adventures in digital and print formats that engage readers in brand new ways. We welcome inquiries from unpublished authors – all you need is talent, passion and a story to tell. We’re not a content mill, vanity press, or self-publishing service…we’re a publisher of digital and print books that promise to engage a new generation in reading, and change the way children learn.

For more information contact Luke at Zoozil dot com and come change the story with us! When you write, please include as attachments:
–A resume
–One or two writing samples

Together, We’ll Change the Story™