Compelling Antagonists

Compelling characters make a story go. For a while now, I’ve written about and referenced Ursula Le Guin and “The War Against,” highlighting my desire to tell stories that focus on the evolution and make up of my characters as opposed to some war they have been fighting for ages. In my novel The Forger, my protagonist, Theailys An, is tasked with stopping a creature called the Darkener from releasing the Origin and ending the world.  Continue reading “Compelling Antagonists”

The Madness of Ending a Story

I like to call it a fever. Something that starts slowly and, by the end, has bloomed into a bout of full-fledged madness. This is what happens to me when it comes to ending a story and I’m at my deadline. I’m more or less pacing myself with The Walker and the Doe as I draw to its close, but I wanted to take some time to reflect on the night I finished the first draft of The Forger. Continue reading “The Madness of Ending a Story”

Editing and Notes From Friends

Writing a book isn’t easy. Writing isn’t inherently easy. And editing a story sometimes makes me want to bash my head against the desk. But damn it, it just needs to be done.

That’s how I used to look at editing a couple of years ago. But over time, I realized it was something I actually enjoyed, like inking a drawing and watching everything really come to life.

I_love_my_editor Continue reading “Editing and Notes From Friends”

Let’s Talk About P.O.O.

Something of an Introduction

I’d like to talk about P.O.O. today.

Not that poo.

My P.O.O.—the Process of Outlining.

Continue reading “Let’s Talk About P.O.O.”

The Forger—It’s Finished

9886 words, 38 pages written today, October 26-27, 2015. 106,927 words and 393 total pages, written over the course of about seven months. The Forger is done.  Praise the Keepers.

My neck is fucking killing me and my heart and mind are happy.


I’m Terrible at Posting—Here’re Some Excerpts

The title says it all: I’m horrible when it comes to posting on my blogs, but I’ve been busy so I guess that’s a decent excuse (not really).

Anyway, I’m making some pretty damn good progress with The Forger, and once the rough draft is finished I’ll be turning my attention to finish edits on Sewn From Seeds: Memories.  That said, I thought I’d post a few excerpts.  Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.34.57 PM


Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.36.01 PM

The Forger © Luke Tarzian 2015

The Four Tenets of Khar Am

The Forger2

The Forger has quite a bit of backstory and lore that’s not yet been revealed, but I thought it would be fun to give everyone a little preview.  The Faithbringer Order was founded by a man named Khar Am, who placed the wellness and lives of everyone else before his own, teachings that he stressed to his followers and fellow Faithbringers.

Choice before blood: “Your life is not dictated by the blood inside your veins but by the choices that you make.”

Truth from madness: “Discern the truth from madness.”

Honor over glory: “We fight not for recognition but to keep our people safe. There is nothing glorious about a realm of gilded soldiers who have no one to protect.”

Altruism over avarice: “You will take a blade for your brothers and sisters before you take an enemy for their wealth. You will endure hunger if it means the starving get to feast. You will warm the freezing with your cloak before you think of fashion. You will be give the faithful hope before you take it.”

© Luke Tarzian 2015